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Step 1: trip editing

Center the map around:

Road type:

Adding location by clicking on the map

Add a new location:

Step 2: modify bike and biker parameters


Weight (kg), motor type

Motor power (W), maximum speed (km/h)


Weight (kg), power (W)


Voltage (V), capacity (Ah), battery age (years)

Step 3: compute and consult results

Travel time: hours, minutes, seconds

Battery consumption: %, Ah, Wh

Battery capacity failure risk:

Distance: km, average speed km/h

Cumulative elevation gain: m

Battery power failure risk (beta version):

Customize advanced parameters

Trip information
Number of stop by km , front wind: km/h
Vehicle model
Aerodynamics: , rolling:
Motor efficiency (%)
at 5 km/h , at 10 km/h , at 15 km/h
at 20 km/h , at 25 km/h , at 30 km/h
at 35 km/h , at 40 km/h , at 45 km/h
Consumption with no load W
Battery chemistry:
Maximum discharge current during 1 minute: C, 10 minutes: C
Efficiency at 1C %, at 2C %

Consult elevation profile

Consult slope profile

Consult consumption profile

Consult time profile

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